The film is built as a triptych inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s play Rhinoceros, which tells us the story of
the emergence of totalitarian thinking through a series of day-to-day episodes.
At the very opening of the film we see an alien visitor (Irène Jacob) who is crossing different groups
and observing the emergence of rhinoceros in the vicinity of the Shikun building. She will be confronted
with a growing quantities of people, some escaping the war in Ukraine and Russia and others coming
from different parts of the world.
It is an ironic metaphor of a divided country in which we, Israelis, Palestinians and others, try to
simulate how life can happen in this microcosm of a shikun, in the utopian days to come. Beyond the
current days of conflict and violence, how can people accept each other’s existence, their differences
and disputes?

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Thème par Anders Norén